Don’t let your baby sit on a baby stroller at this time, it will damage the baby’s spine!

As a treasure mother, it is very inconvenient to take the baby out of the house. If the child is small, he has to hold it all the time. It is very troublesome for anyone to help out. If the baby is a little bigger, he can walk on his own. Bao Ma has to free one hand to hold him and avoid the child from being lost.

Since the invention of the baby stroller, no matter whether the baby walks or not, you can sit in the trolley, so that the adult is neither tired nor worried about the child, and the baby carriage usually has small hooks or small baskets. You can Put some diapers and milk powder into it, usually push the baby out to buy food. You can also hang things in the shopping cart or put them in a small basket. Don’t mention more convenience.

However, although the baby carriage is convenient for the mother, there is still a problem that cannot be ignored! Improper use of the stroller is likely to damage the baby’s spine and affect the baby’s height development.

Why can a stroller possibly cause such a result? Because the stroller is also used by age group, if the baby is used early, it will damage the baby’s spine.

Parents who have a baby or are about to give birth to a baby are buying a reclining stroller. This design will prevent the baby from lying down and there is no way to stretch. Moreover, some strollers are soft pockets. When the baby is lying down, they will be completely trapped. This will not only make the baby feel uncomfortable, but also affect the baby’s physical development.

Baby babies within six months are not recommended for mothers to let their children sit on baby strollers, because the baby’s spine within six months is not fully developed, very fragile, and the back muscle strength is insufficient. There is no way to support the head for a long time. weight. And if the baby is sitting in the baby stroller for too long, it will cause the baby to hunchback or scoliosis, and even squeeze into the baby’s internal organs. So don’t let your baby sit on a baby stroller when the baby has not been able to support the weight of his own head. Otherwise, the baby will not develop well or the scoliosis will be bent. Mothers regret it too late.

In general, in addition to letting the baby sit on the baby stroller too early, hold the baby upright three months before the baby, let the baby learn to walk too early and let the baby sit for too long before eight months ago will damage the baby’s spine. These conditions will burden the baby’s spine and affect the baby’s spine development.

Bao Ma, do you know now? Although adults have to work hard at first, all the hard work is worthwhile for the healthy development of children!


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