Baby’s first “private car”, of course, choose the Mini in the trolley

Every baby will have a “private car” of his own after birth, which will become the first “mountain” in the baby’s life. That is the baby stroller that mothers have carefully selected for them.

Despite being different from the real car market, baby strollers also have different brands. The quality of the trolley will directly affect the health problems of the child’s physiological development. Many parents, despite knowing the need to pick a high-quality trolley, don’t know which trolley to pick for their child.

Stokke Scoot baby stroller, a product of Stokke, a mother-infant brand founded in Northern Europe, has been hailed as the “Mini Cooper” in the stroller in a simple, yet elegant style. This product has become more and more popular in China since its entry into the Chinese market. Parents’ favor.

Super high value urban fashion

Many fashionable mothers have high requirements for the value of the trolley. Stokke Scoot happened to satisfy their critical eye. The Scandinavian designer, who has a simple taste, combines a small shape with the Stokke Scoot. Make it sleek, simple and stylish.

In terms of size positioning, Stokke Scoot’s smart shape is exactly the same as that of Mini Cooper. The small size of 75×111×55cm not only wins the advantage of the value, but also makes it easier for mothers to push the baby easily in the narrow streets of the city and crowded. In the crowd.

Beginning with Yan value and loyalty to quality

Like Mini Cooper, it is also the creed of Stokke Scoot that begins with value and loyalty to quality. Stokke Scoot is undoubtedly very important for safety and shock absorption.

Stokke Scoot’s tires can be rotated and locked 360 degrees, which is a big lap compared to other baby strollers. The PU foam rubber wheel ensures maximum shock absorption while driving on urban roads.

In addition, Stokke Scoot’s unique orange brakes keep it from going downhill without worrying about landslides and rolling, preventing accidents.

Oot’s handle height and angle can be adjusted in different modes, suitable for all the elderly in the family and the second child. At the same time, the handle material is non-slip, which can prevent sweating and misalignment in summer.

Smart body and large space

Don’t look at the Stokke Scoot’s exquisite appearance, its sleeping basket seating space and storage space is not small. The spacious interior is large enough for your baby to easily stretch out and lie down comfortably.

The large storage basket can easily put down the baby’s bottle, diaper, mother’s backpack and other items, the maximum storage weight of 2 kg.

Easy to fold and easy to carry

Stokke Scoot has a smart one-button folding function that makes it easy to open and close. It is easy to carry after folding. The weight of the frame is 9 kilograms. It is only about the weight of a one-year-old baby. It can be easily lifted without any difficulty. It doesn’t take up a lot of space in the trunk.

Intimate interaction to explore the distance

Communication has always been an important quality of Stokke’s products. Stokke Scoot has widened the ventilation network to facilitate the communication between the baby and the mother, increasing ventilation and creating more safety.

Attentive Stokke Scoot deliberately designed two modes, one facing inward and one facing outward, allowing the baby to have two modes of experience, from the need to carefully care and interact to the birth, to gradually face the outside world and explore the distance.

Scientific design protects cervical vertebrae

In the baby seat experience, in order to allow the baby to sit more comfortably, Stokke Scoot designed an ergonomically designed seat to protect the baby’s tender spine from injury.

Details out of the classic

Mini Cooper’s details in the carvings have made it a classic, and the details of Stokke Scoot are also sincere:

The shed has a zipper interlayer that can be adjusted to different modes to suit different baby conditions.

The cushioning ring is protected by a plastic hard case to prevent the baby’s hand from being pinched.

The reflective ring and logo are fluorescently protected to protect the baby and family at night.

The dexterity and practicality of the Stokke Scoot children’s trolley makes the name of the “Mini Cooper” in the stroller the name. Mothers can feel more comfortable with their baby, shopping, and enjoy their leisure time outdoors.

Stokke concept

“Give the best to your child.” Each Stokke product is focused on promoting the continued growth of your child’s abilities and strengthening parent-child relationships through parental contact between the parent and child. Stokke is convinced that creating unique, powerful and durable products for children, combined with attractive design and a wide range of accessories, can bring a good living environment for parents and children.

About Stokke

Stokke was founded in 1932. The birthplace was in the Oaldsbygda region of northern Norway, named after the founder Georg Stokke was born in 1911 on a mountain called Stokke. Stokke created a range of different furniture from the perspective of ergonomics, design and function, according to different customer needs.

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