Convenient and practical 9 baby strollers, multi-purpose for one car, help Bao Ma to better travel with the baby

Xiaomo is a genuine authorized store of IIMO, quality assurance, and purchase with confidence. The imported Japanese brand iimo1 generation children’s tricycle has won the Japan Children’s Design Award for high-quality baby carriages. It has 3C certification and Japan SG certification (exclusive double certification). It is strictly in accordance with Japanese safety and environmental protection requirements, with excellent craftsmanship and stylish design. The assembly is simple and the whole car has no taste. The car is light and easy to push. You can ride and exercise your baby’s leg strength.

Small pedal folding bike with one button folding aluminum alloy pneumatic tires, the car is equipped with high-grade aluminum alloy wheels, the frame can be folded, convenient for travel, the seat can be rotated 360 degrees, increasing the interaction between the baby and the mother, the new can Lying on the high-end linen fabric, you can show your baby’s worth.

Authentic poly-shoes with double-brake children’s multi-function tricycle, the car is made of carbon steel frame structure and environmentally friendly car paint. The appearance is beautiful and the baby is safe and comfortable. It is suitable for baby from 6 months to 6 years old. Carport, guardrail, rear The basket, the rear cart handle, and the foot pedal can be disassembled as the baby grows up, truly making a multi-purpose vehicle. Baby child stroller kids bicycle.

It is very light and the price is affordable. Very beautiful, very strong, and the wheels are lit, the baby likes it. The son is arguing to sit, sit up and refuse to come down, to tell the truth, this car is really very practical, I used to hold it all the time, tired, I am sweating, I have more cars with this car. Now, just push it away.

Hot mom must travel travel folding artifact powerful, baby also like, table and chair is also spacious, can be adjusted. The putter can also be adjusted in length and is very user-friendly. The pedals on the front are also especially suitable for the baby. Can be folded, it is very convenient to go out!

The two-way steering three-position adjustable footboard push-pull dual-purpose, the installation is relatively simple, the disassembly is convenient, the titanium alloy wheel has a texture, the seat can be turned back and forth, the front and rear baskets can be put bags and toys. Especially the tires, super ties and tall, the car is easy to install, the baby likes to install it, and then sit up and squat, no need to hold hands.

Installation is simple, workmanship is solid, and the details are not bad. Looks very good grade, very metallic, tires are very good, shockproof, summer sunscreen, can also be folded, easy to carry, cost-effective!

2017 models, 99% free installation, one-button folding function, comfortable seat headrest, five-point seat belt, environmentally friendly high-elastic PU wheel, baby comfort car experience. The whole vehicle adopts the finished rolled steel structure and the frame thickness reaches 1.2 mm, which is strong and durable. Baby bicycle bicycle slippery artifact.

Authentic children’s tricycle, double brakes are safer to ride, carbon steel frame, stable and not rollover, 6 months to 3 years old baby can be used as a cart, with a guardrail baby is more secure, baby can also be a small tricycle independent Cycling, multi-range adjustment double-tube pusher, suitable for hot moms of different heights, increase storage baskets, handmade cotton seat cushions, anti-UV carports, kids bicycle baby strollers.


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