Picking the wrong trolley baby may be hunchback, when the mother is vigilant

When a child goes out, it is always necessary to bring a trolley, otherwise Mom and Dad will always hold the child and will be very tired. But how to choose a trolley? Does improper selection cause adverse effects on children?

◆ The umbrella is not properly selected and the spine is easily deformed.

Ms. Zhang’s baby is now one year old, but she found that her baby has a strange phenomenon recently. She always shrugged her head like a hunchback. She didn’t know what was going on, so she took her baby to a nearby hospital for examination. It turned out that the baby actually had a curved spine, but this phenomenon was only later in the baby, so the doctor’s judgment may not be caused by congenital, it is estimated to be caused by the external force. So Ms. Zhang listened to the doctor’s advice and went home to find the chair, pillow, mattress, etc. that might affect the baby’s spine. Finally, it was found that it was because the cart had a problem.

Originally, Ms. Zhang used an umbrella car, which is a lighter cart. This type of cart is relatively convenient, but the seat is too simple and not a good choice for a one-year-old baby. The umbrella can not give the baby a strong support for the cervical spine and the spine, and the friction of the back is also insufficient. Sitting on it will slide down and remain in a semi-lying bending state. Moreover, the child’s spine is not fully developed, very fragile, and maintains this posture for a long time, of course, the possibility of spinal curvature is prone to occur.

◆ How to choose a baby stroller for your baby?

0-1 years old – tall and sturdy

The tall stroller is far from the ground and can reduce the impact of dust on the ground on the child’s respiratory tract. And the tall stroller has a better shock absorption effect, which can reduce the vibration of the baby’s brain. The baby’s spine and brain are still in the developmental stage, so be sure to choose a stroller with better shock absorption.

1-2.5 years old – the middle wheel is strong

Children of this age always like to climb up and down. If they are still sitting in a very high car, the children are not honest. They may turn down from the car because they are moving, so they can’t choose a car that is too high. The round is more appropriate. However, since the child is active at this time, but can not control his limbs in a very coordinated manner, the cart should still be strong, so as to prevent the child from accidentally falling over with the car.

2.5-4 years old – small wheel portable

At this stage, the baby is older and has been able to coordinate his limbs well. The cart is only for transportation. Therefore, the more lightweight folding bike is very useful, and it is convenient to carry when traveling.

◆ What details should I pay attention to when purchasing a cart?


The material and size of the wheel are all considered. The rubber-made wheels are more durable and can be used to pinch the quality when you buy them. The large wheels have a stronger shock absorption and stability, which is more suitable for small babies, while the small wheels are lighter and more convenient to travel.

2. Frame

The aluminum alloy frame is strong and very lightweight, making it the most suitable material. The stainless steel material is very durable but a bit thick. The plastic material is light but not strong and has a long service life. The smaller the baby, the better the quality of the car you choose.

3. Seat

The seat thin has less support for the baby’s back, and the baby is easy to slide down while sitting inside. The seat is too soft, it is easy to trap the baby, and it is easy to bend the spine. So the seat should be soft and moderate, and have protection in the head and neck, or add a non-slip mat.

4. Seat belt

Many people ignore the seat belts on the cart, but the seat belts are important for any car. When buying, be sure to choose a seat belt that is easy for adults to open but difficult for the baby to open. The five-point seat belt fits the baby’s body and is thicker, which prevents the baby from slipping out of the car.

5. Brake

A cart that steps on a double brake is safer, and with both feet, the two wheels can be braked at the same time, and the unlocking is simultaneous.

◆ Common misunderstandings of using trolleys

1. Free to leave the cart

Some parents like to push the baby to go shopping, but when they encounter a favorite item, they may forget the baby without paying attention. If someone sneaked away the baby or the baby turned over and fell off at this time, it is very dangerous, so mothers should not easily leave the cart and look at the baby.

2. Moving upstairs with people and cars

Some parents are very capable, moving the baby upstairs are all moving together. In the unlikely event that a part on the cart fails or slips, the baby may be squeezed in the middle, potentially causing death.

3. Do not use seat belts

Many mothers are not used to using safety belts for their babies, but bumpy roads can easily cause the baby to shake left and right, and may also hurt the baby’s spine and bones. If a bear child likes to jump up and down, he may roll over if he is not careful.

4. Forget to brake when parking

When you go out and push your baby into a temporary parking, you must remember to step on the brakes, so as not to accidentally let go of the car and find that the car is running with the child, in case of danger in the middle of the road.

5. Hanging various toys

Many mothers also like to hang toys on Xiaobao’s car, but do not know that the toy dangling will affect the baby’s sight. If the baby is staring at the toy, it will need to constantly adjust the focal length, causing visual fatigue and causing vision loss.

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