Don’t buy a folding trolley, a bamboo wagon that is more suitable for summer. It is more comfortable for a light and cool baby

This bamboo children’s trolley is handmade, summer children’s must-have cart replacement, cool and comfortable, environmentally friendly and durable, using bamboo products ecologically friendly, chemical-free pollution and radiation, produced by cooking, drying, hot pressing, not Containing moisture, the product is not easily deformed, the structure is stable, and the style is simple and elegant.

The biggest advantage of bamboo weaving cart is that it is breathable and comfortable. This bamboo stud cart also has the characteristics of no deformation, no cracking, good flexibility, high hardness, moisture resistance and heat resistance. It is handmade and gives the baby a cool and comfortable space.

The model adopts the front wheel spring suspension two-in-one body, which is safer, more convenient and more reliable. It increases the width and gives the baby more space. The convenient rear storage basket can carry more items with the car, bringing music to the baby. Sitting more happier, you can use the water to directly wash the treasure mother save time and effort.

Hand-knitted rattan net super load-bearing, good breathability keeps your baby away from sweat, prevents red butt, equipped with safety belts for the safety of your baby, avoiding injury in an emergency, giving your baby a safer Driving environment.

This rattan rattan stroller is light and breathable, with a puzzle music box for better development of intelligence. The anti-vibration upgrade version provides better support for the front and rear wheels, upgraded EVA foam tires, PP frame, safe and comfortable. Give your baby a cooler summer.

The hand-woven rattan net is overweight and bears breathable. The good breathability keeps the baby away from sweat and prevents the red butt. The plastic protective sheet can prevent the baby from slipping down when sitting, making the baby ride safer and more reliable


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