How to buy a walker and baby stroller is the safest? Please take care of this purchase guide!

A baby walker can help your baby learn to walk faster and let the baby play freely. It is a must for the baby. So, how do we buy a baby walker in the face of so many brands and products on the market? Here are some tips and tricks for sharing baby walkers.

First, parents need to pay attention to the purchase of the walker:

1, parents should pay attention to, “walker” is not a variety of small parts, if there is, you need to choose small parts larger than 3 cm, so that the baby will swallow too small parts, resulting in suffocation of the baby. Itis safer to choose parts with a size larger than 3 cm .

2, pay attention to the “walker” locking device, because if the locking device is not stuck in place, or the strength is not enough, it is easy to collapse, or easy to let the baby reach the foot.

  1. In addition, pay attention to whether there are some sharp points and sharp edges on the surface of the “walker”. If it breaks after a dynamic impact, there may be some sharp points inside, which may be a risk of grinding the skin of the child.

  1. The collision distance of the “walker” cannot be too narrow. It is safer than the distance of 16mm.

After watching the walker, let’s take a look at the baby’s first mount, the stroller. Use it when you go out, even use it when you eat. The utilization rate is so high that the security issue cannot be taken lightly! So, how do new parents choose a baby stroller?

For the vast majority of young parents, when buying a stroller, they often only pay attention to the appropriate price, function, appearance and so on. In fact, the quality of the quality is a problem that cannot be ignored.

Second, parents buy baby strollers, these three points must be remembered:

  1. First, buy a baby stroller with a seat belt. The second thing is to see if the seat belt is strong and choose a seat belt that is not easy to break.

2, the baby stroller should have a brake device, this brake device can not slip 90mm after locking; if it is a handle with a variable phase, the baby stroller can walk in both directions, need to lock the brake device before and after. Indispensable.

3, try to choose a stroller without a gap, if the gap is greater than 5mm, and less than 10mm, then it is a dangerous gap, it will pinch the child’s fingers, may cut, may be pinched.


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