Preventing baby’s spine deformation, choosing the baby stroller is the key

On the road, I saw that the back of the baby’s stroller is slanting, and the back of the car is a soft pocket. It is impossible to let the child lie flat. Even if the child lie down, the whole back will be nested in the soft pocket. Just put the child down, not a few steps, the baby will cry, can only sit. Have the mothers thought about whether this kind of travel will have a certain impact on the baby’s spine development? To avoid this, the choice of baby strollers is critical.

For small babies up to 1 year old, be sure to choose a high-view cart, because at this stage the baby’s skeletal development is not perfect, it is best to lie flat on the stroller. This high-view baby stroller is made of aerospace aluminum. It is both sturdy and beautiful. It provides safe protection for the baby. It combines three functions of sitting and lying, and can be adjusted with one button with one hand. System to keep your baby from bumps.

Wait until the baby is a little bigger, it will not be so obedient, fasten the seat belt on the trolley, move around, easy to fall on the big wheeler, parents can choose the medium-sized middle wheel cart for the baby . This high-view trolley features a stable tripod structure for a safer, foldable design. Even if the mother goes out alone, the one-handed collection function can be achieved with a single push. It is also very convenient to carry out. 

Sometimes I want to take my baby out to go shopping, but I can be alone, afraid to cope, don’t worry, Bao Ma can try this lightweight folding trolley, two-way cart mode, free to switch, baby’s face The facial expression can be seen at a glance, the multi-range adjustment mode of the backrest can be used for the baby’s needs to sit and lie, the humanized foldable design, the thin mother can also easily get it, the weather is very good, take the baby out and walk together. .

Hand trolley with a rocking chair, have you tried it? This trolley made of aluminum alloy with borax gold anode technology is sturdy and wear-resistant, not easy to scratch. The shaker mode is easy to change, so that the baby can no longer resist the stroller. The wheels are made of off-road inflatable tires. Shock, don’t worry that the tires will be punctured, and easily deal with various road conditions.

Any small detail can cause damage to the baby. The same is true for the player. The mother must choose the right baby for each child’s health.

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