Baby strollers are just for convenience? Most people are wrong. I have seen these before I understand

Many mothers mention the stroller, which is very laborious to push and is not convenient to go out. However, few mothers mention the protection of the car itself. The distance between the professional baby carriage and the ground is calculated from the ground in order to avoid excessive temperature in the summer, low temperature in winter, and exhaust emissions. Xiaobian has been prepared for everyone, see which one your baby is suitable for!

Baby strollers are not only convenient for travel – it is also important for the protection of the baby. High landscape foldable baby stroller, 70cm high landscape position, wide field of view, safer one-button car away from the exhaust, small folding size, can be on the plane.

This baby stroller is a light-weight, ultra-lightweight baby umbrella that allows you to take your baby away and not too tired. The body weighs only 4.5kg, ultra-light and smart, four-wheel shock absorber, easy to deal with various The road conditions are not afraid of the uncomfortable feeling caused by excessive vibration.

This rattan rattan stroller is light and breathable, with a puzzle music box for better development of intelligence. The anti-vibration upgrade version provides better support for the front and rear wheels, upgraded EVA foam tires, PP frame, safe and comfortable. Give your baby a cooler summer.

Natural, light, safe and quality, giving moms the greatest peace of mind, the best help, the highest quality, 0 to 5 years old, newborns can also be used, comfortable lying, quality selection, pure natural fabrics are healthier. The whole vehicle is designed and produced according to EU standards. It is ultra-light and easy to carry, and can be used as a dining chair.

The baby stroller mat that must be used in the summer, the baby sitting on it does not have to worry about the baby getting hot. The mat uses natural plant fiber ~ effectively reduces the surface temperature of the skin by 4-8 degrees Celsius, with ice and not cool.

Haowei baby stroller, national 3C certification, using Lycra fabric. The four seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter can be implemented in both directions. It can be fully shed, half canopy, can be lying flat, half lying, sitting, the rear wheel can brake, and the front wheel is universally rotated with shock absorption.

A good trolley is the baby’s favorite walking vehicle. It is also a must-have for moms to bring their baby to the streets. It is ultra-light, four-wheel shock absorber and super load-bearing. You can sit 4 years old.

The high-quality material is non-slip, the material is non-toxic and harmless for the health of the baby, light and flexible, shock and gravity are very good to quickly fold and stretch, with it is not afraid to bring the baby out of trouble.


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